MARKE Systems, Inc.
A tradition of practical innovation

Embedded systems, Industrial automation, Data Management, Product development


Engineering consultants

  • Systems Analysis
  • Electronic Design
  • PCB Layout
  • Human Factors
  • Data Management
  • Control Systems
  • PLC Integration
  • Sales Demonstrators
  • Short-run Production
  • Technical Writing

Welcome to MARKE Systems!

Increase Your Capabilities

With over 15 years of experience in software, electronic, industrial, and product engineering, MARKE Systems has the ability to deliver customized hardware and embedded or stand-alone software that is practical, innovative, reliable, and economical.

Our staff of software, electronic, electrical, robotic, and process engineers form a partnership with you. Together with your ideas or sketches, we create a complete systems solution.  With the right solution in hand, we are then capable of prototyping, testing, building, debugging, installing, and training.


Right Solutions, Reduced Risks

MARKE Systems creates product designs which meet the needs of specific environments - industrial, medical, or whatever your need!  With strict attention to detail and precise development, we ensure that your product will perform beyond expectations and requirements, in the most cost-effective manner.


Move Ahead Quickly

We carefully control the development process, remaining true to our tradition of practical innovation.  Each project is conducted in clearly defined phases, which are thoroughly tested for both performance and integration.

Use us as a resource to get your product or project into action ASAP.  We can apply our skills to the any or all of the stages in the development process.  That saves you the time and money you'd spend adding to your own staff!